Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Want a free Oracle textbook? It's yours (for a price)

I have neglected this blog. I apologise.

I have an excuse, though. Two.  Firstly, I have been keeping busy contributing over at the All Things Oracle site. It's nice over there; you should check it out - but not just now.  Secondly, the projects I have been working on, of recent, have not involved a lot of interesting Apex, and so I have suffered for topics to write on for this blog.

However, I recently produced a series of articles for ATO called Oracle for Absolute Beginners.  It was received enthusiastically - so much so that the ATO guys and I discussed making it available for purchase on Amazon. Which I have done.

But you? I like you. And so I am making the book available for free here. Completely free. And there isn't a catch.

Okay, you're right, there is a catch. I would appreciate it if you would go to Amazon after reading it and leave an honest review. Please bear in mind as you do so, that if you're already an Oracle expert, the book is not necessarily aimed at you - so don't hold the fact that it doesn't contain a chapter on Oracle exadata or 12c cloud computing against it.

Got that? Thanks. Now download the book and then leave an Amazon review.